Using advanced imaging to understand the brain

The Research


C9orf72 gene networks in the human brain correlate with cortical thickness in C9-FTD and implicate vulnerable cell types.

Frontiers in neuroscience

Broce IJ, Sirkis DW, Nillo RM, Bonham LW, Lee SE, Miller BL, Castruita PA, Sturm VE, Sugrue LS, Desikan RS, Yokoyama JS

Automated neonatal nnU-Net brain MRI extractor trained on a large multi-institutional dataset.

Scientific reports

Chen JV, Li Y, Tang F, Chaudhari G, Lew C, Lee A, Rauschecker AM, Haskell-Mendoza AP, Wu YW, Calabrese E

The University of California San Francisco, Brain Metastases Stereotactic Radiosurgery (UCSF-BMSR) MRI Dataset.

Radiology. Artificial intelligence

Rudie JD, Saluja R, Weiss DA, Nedelec P, Calabrese E, Colby JB, Laguna B, Mongan J, Braunstein S, Hess CP, Rauschecker AM, Sugrue LP, Villanueva-Meyer JE

Tractography-based DBS lead repositioning improves outcome in refractory OCD and depression.

Frontiers in human neuroscience

Basich-Pease G, Slepneva N, Frank AC, Norbu T, Morrison MA, Sugrue LP, Larson PS, Starr PA, Lee AM

FEMA: Fast and efficient mixed-effects algorithm for large sample whole-brain imaging data.

Human brain mapping

Parekh P, Fan CC, Frei O, Palmer CE, Smith DM, Makowski C, Iversen JR, Pecheva D, Holland D, Loughnan R, Nedelec P, Thompson WK, Hagler DJ, Andreassen OA, Jernigan TL, Nichols TE, Dale AM

White matter and literacy: A dynamic system in flux.

Developmental cognitive neuroscience

Roy E, Richie-Halford A, Kruper J, Narayan M, Bloom D, Nedelec P, Rauschecker AM, Sugrue LP, Brown TT, Jernigan TL, McCandliss BD, Rokem A, Yeatman JD

MR Thermometry during Transcranial MR Imaging-Guided Focused Ultrasound Procedures: A Review.

AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology

Mattay RR, Kim K, Shah L, Shah B, Sugrue L, Safoora F, Ozhinsky E, Narsinh KH

Reducing Gadolinium Contrast With Artificial Intelligence.

Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI

Tsui B, Calabrese E, Zaharchuk G, Rauschecker AM

3D U-Net for automated detection of multiple sclerosis lesions: utility of transfer learning from other pathologies.

Frontiers in neuroscience

Wahlig SG, Nedelec P, Weiss DA, Rudie JD, Sugrue LP, Rauschecker AM

Bayesian Networks in Radiology.

Radiology. Artificial intelligence

Ma SX, Dhanaliwala AH, Rudie JD, Rauschecker AM, Roberts-Wolfe D, Haddawy P, Kahn CE